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Are you feeling hungry and is fed-up of going to the same restaurants again and again? Let me help you with some of them.

Top 10 unique restaurants in India

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Top 10 unique restaurants in India

Food Business is very easy to start and earn money with. People are trying to come up with so many interesting and innovative ideas in order to make their brand famous.  Are you feeling hungry and is fed-up of going to the same restaurants again and again?

Let me help you with some new and interesting restaurants which can surely force you to visit them at least once. Here is the list of top 10 unique restaurants in India.

  1. Silver Metro, Bangalore

Silver Metro restaurant is in Madiwala, South Bangalore with a Metallic interior beautifully designed shopping mall food court or buffet outlet depicting the entire metro train. The entire train is in silver to give it a look of a metro station. You’ll surely love the experience of eating in the Metro train.


Top 10 unique restaurants in India

  1. Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad

Nature’s Toilet Café is India’s first café based on toilet theme which is the copy of Modern Toilet restaurant in Taiwan.  It is located in Safai Vidyalaya next to the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad. You might have never dreamt of eating your food on the toilet seat. This restaurant gives you the same experience.


  1. Cross Café, Mumbai

Cross café or Hitler’s Cross is an Adolf Hitler-themed restaurant at Kharghar in Navi Mumbai. It is very famous in the Jewish community who insisted the owner to change it named to cross cafe.

Cross Café, Mumbai

  1. TherPup Dog Café, Bangalore

In the classic weather of Bangalore, if you are looking forward to a day-long retreat and good food, then this place is perfect for dog lovers.  You can play with the friendly dogs that live there and can also take your dogs to.

TherPup Dog Café, Bangalore

  1. Cat Café, Mumbai

The Cat Café is the India first cat café in Versova, Mumbai and is the perfect place for cat lovers. It hosts about 30-40 nurtured cats in its premises. You can even adopt the cat of your choice. It is the must visit place for animal lovers with a completely unique experience.

Cat Café, Mumbai

  1. Black Pearl, Bangalore

The Black Pearl in Koramangala, South Bangalore is the pirated theme based restaurant which was named after the infamous pirate ship. The restaurant depicts the captain jack sparrows legacy and mainly serves international seafood.

Black Pearl, Bangalore

Top 10 unique restaurants in India -

  1. Echoes, Bangalore

Echoes in Koramangala, South Bangalore is the first Cafe managed by the ‘Deaf & Mute. It provides a booklet along with the menu list so that the customers can note down the serial number of the desired food.  Even they can write instruction for the waiters on them to express their desire.

Echoes, Bangalore

  1. Hijackk, Ahmedabad

Hijackk in Sarkhej Gandhinagar Highway Ahmedabad is a mobile restaurant on a double Decker bus. It provides the seating facility for 44 people and provides you the fusion of foods on a running bus.  The experience of enjoying the food while roaming the streets of Ahmedabad is outstanding.

Hijackk, Ahmedabad

9. New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

The owner of this restaurant, Krishnan Kutti decided to operate his restaurant in a space which was earlier a graveyard. The restaurant, famous for tea and freshly made rolls have graves in it. It is said that these graves bring good luck leaving the customers happy.

New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

10. Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

This restaurant gives you the ultimate experience of eating in a jail. The entire restaurant is built like a jail and has staff dressed as inmates and jailers. It deserves a mention on this list.

Kaidi Kitchen, Chennai

Have you enjoyed our this article – Top 10 unique restaurants in India.

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