Facts about Hollywood

20 Interesting facts about Hollywood

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20 Interesting facts about Hollywood

Hollywood, one of the world’s biggest entertainment industries is a dream destination for most of us. Every Hollywood movie you have ever seen has various interesting facts. Be it ‘Inception’,’Fight Club’,’Die Hard, they all have some or the other secret message hidden in them.

Here are 20 such similar facts which we dig out from some of the famous Hollywood movies:

1. “D.W. Griffith’s” 1910, the first film ever made in Hollywood was shot in just two days in Old California.

20 interesting facts about Hollywood
20 interesting facts about Hollywood

2. The first nude scene to appear in Hollywood movie was of a swimmer shot by actress Annette Kellerman (1887-1975) in “A Daughter of the Gods”(1916).

3. The first American Pornographic film was A Free Ride, a.k.a. “A Grass Sandwich” (1915 ) directed by “A. Wise Guy” and written by “Will She.”

4. “The Godfather” (1972), John Marley’s (Jack Wolz) scream of horror in the horse head scene was real. He was unaware of the fact that the horse head used in the scene was real brought from a dog food company.

5. The “Running W” was a trip wire which broke countless horses legs and necks during it’s filming. This practice is now illegal.

6. All the three lead characters of the movie “Rebel Without a Cause” (1955) met an untimely death. James Dean died in a car crash, Natalie Wood drowned, and Sal Mineo was stabbed to death.

7. John Wayne (1907-1979), played the most leading roles in feature films who appeared in 153 movies.

8. The first Hollywood movie shot in CinemaScope was “The Robe” (1953).


9. The “Dark Knight” was the first Batman movie which does not have Batman in its title.

10. The funny creature of the movie “Ice Age” is called as “scrat” which has combined characteristics of a squirrel as well a rat.

11. The most expensive Black and White film made till date is ‘The Schindiler’s List” of around 22 million dollars.

12. “Arnold Schwarzenegger” only spoke about 700 words in the Hollywood movie “The Terminator” for which he charged $15 Million.

13. Do you know the dinosaur sounds in the movie “Jurassic Park “were created from tortoises mating?

14. Micky mouse is always turned in the front direction, no matter in which direction his head is pointing.

15. The most expensive Hollywood movie is “Pirates Of The Caribbean” which costed $300 million.

16. In 1976 some vandals modified the sign to “Hollyweed”.


17. The district of Hollywood was founded in 1887 by Horace and Daeida Wilcox and it was meant to be a religious community.

18. The fastest Hollywood movie that hit $100 million was The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

19. The Jazz Singer is the first Hollywood movie with a sound made in 1927 and it cost the astonishing amount of  $422,000 to be made.

20. The famous Hollywood sign was made in 1923 and it cost $21,000.


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