11 motivational quotes to enjoy the life to the fullest-Gaur Gopal Das

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Just like there is a difference between knowledge and education, there’s also a difference between wisdom and knowledge. Wisdom is the ability to judge our life situations correctly, while knowledge is applied to what aspects are true, applicable, and how to act upon them.

There is one person who is becoming popular these days on social networking sites- Gaur Gopal Das. A lifestyle motivational strategist who possesses a great amount of wisdom; sharing all his knowledge and learnings with the world.

11 motivational quotes to enjoy the life to the fullest-Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das an electrical engineer, joined International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Mumbai in 1996 after his brief stint with Hewlett Packard. Since then, he has been a lifestyle counselor. He has been a keynote speaker at many colleges as well as corporates offices inspiring individuals to have a healthier way of living.

 His 3 books “Revival”, “Conquest” and “Checkmate” contain his timeline wisdom. He inspires and motivates people with his talks. Gaur Gopal Das make people think deeper and probe into the roots of their problems to find easy solutions to them.

Here are 13 motivational quotes said by Gaur Gopal Das which will definitely motivate you to live better.

1. Don’t let a breakup in any relationship lead to a break down in life. Seek emotional support from closed ones, Functional support from wise ones and spiritual support from the one who loves us unconditionally “God”!

2. Four things you could never recover in life 1) stone once thrown in the valley, 2) Words after they have been spoken, 3)An opportunity once, it has been missed and 4) Time once it has gone.

3. Feed your faith, your doubts shall starve to death.

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 5. We have to move people from HRM to HAM (human asset management). We have to treat people as assets and motivate them beyond just earning money.

6. Earning with integrity, spending with compassion is conscious capitalism. It will add values to your valuables. When you will find that purpose you will love your work otherwise work can be a drag.


Gaur Gopal Das - 11 motivational quotes to enjoy the life to the fullest

 7. Gucci suits won’t bring you satisfaction till you bring a smile on someone’s face. The good wishes of the person can do more for you.

8. Happiness seems like a butterfly. Oh! So close, but eluding us when we try to grab it.

 9. A positive attitude is a key to success in life.

10. Do you know what oxymoron is? Words like pretty ugly, happily married. Well, business ethics is an oxymoron.

Gaur Gopal Das -Gossipdiaries

 11.  Every individual has the potential and every leader has to stoke the potential. But people are insecure. Jambavan did not want the credit, he was not insecure; those who are credit driven can never be leaders but managers as they have to keep their job secure.

 I am sure after reading this article in gossip diaries post, you might be inspired by his energetic talks, logical reasonings and subtle form of humor; filling your life with positivity, happiness, and success.


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